James Lumsden is known for color and a refined but eclectic style. A strong background in architecture and traditional detailing is brought to bear on even the most contemporary interiors. The spaces combine livability with sophistication.

It is his ability to mix styles from a wide range of periods with a characteristic polish that gives his rooms an endless sense of interest over time and which brings clients back again and again.

A studious avoidance of the trendy can be seen in rooms done decades ago which remain as fresh as the day they were installed.

Alongside his design work, James Lumsden established a furniture company called the Las Palmas Collection, Inc. When he could not find pieces he wanted for his clients he designed and made them and ended up creating a whole line of furniture for other designers who might have the same requirements. The Las Palmas Collection, Inc. is represented in ten showrooms around the United States.

A native of Los Angeles, James Lumsden holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from U.C.L.A. He is currently working on projects in Southern California, Texas and New York.

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